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Carpet Cleaning Tips & FAQ's

The importance of vacuuming

Vacuuming on a regular basis provides healthier indoor air and helps prevent damage to your carpet.  Ground in soil causes dull appearance, discoloration and possible damage.  Vacuuming also protects your carpet warranty, can extend the time between professional carpet cleaning services and can prolong the life of your carpet. 


Vacuum Cleaning Tips:

  • Pay close attention to traffic lanes
  • Use overlapping strokes 
  • Change bags & filters often
  • If you are short on time, vacuum the traffic lanes only.   When you have more time you can follow-up to vacuum the areas with less traffic.
  • Use an attachment to vacuum around the edges of the room where dust and dirt gather when deep cleaning.

Q: How often should my carpet and upholstery be cleaned?

 A: Allowing carpet and upholstery to become overly soiled results in unsightly appearance, longer cleaning time, and higher cost for professional carpet or upholstery cleaning services. There may also be irreversible damage. Your cleaning frequency is dependent on a number of factors including your lifestyle, kids, pets, color choices, housekeeping, and your level of spot cleaning success, to name a few. A good rule of thumb is to clean all carpet traffic lanes and frequently used upholstery at least once per year. Some high use areas, such as family and dining rooms, halls, steps and baths, may require cleaning more often. Many new carpet warranties require professional carpet cleaning by a certified cleaner every 6 months or annually.

Q: What do I need to do before the cleaning technician arrives?

 A: You will need to move small items, knic-knacks and breakables off of the carpet and off of any furniture you would like us to move. If you would like to reduce the cost of cleaning, you can move what you want and have us clean the open areas around what is left.  Beds, dressers and other large, heavy furniture do not need to be moved, we will clean around them.  Following your carpet cleaning service, foam blocks and special tabs are used to elevate furniture for proper carpet drying and to keep the wood finish from staining the carpet.